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campgrounds1We have been appraising campgrounds for over 15 years.  Our experience in campground appraisals ranges from the rural mom and pop style park to modern multi-million dollar destination type parks.  Smaller campgrounds are typically seasonal based campgrounds while larger well located parks seek the transient campers as they tend to generate a higher income per site.  Our appraisal process typically begins by spending a day interviewing the park owner/operator and touring the park.  We thoroughly consider all sources of revenues, the parks occupancy history and its income producing potential.  Determining whether competent management exists is a key consideration when determining the subject income producing capabilities.  We have developed an internal database of sales and consult industry accepted publications when forming an opinion of market value.  Most campgrounds offer unique characteristics thus decisions pertaining to value are based on the properties ability to generate income.  Comparable sales data is reviewed and considered to support the reasonableness of our conclusions derived by the income analysis.